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Trends and opportunities of thai workers

     Currency NIS (New Israeli Shekel) sub-unit of money called NIS Agorot (1 NIS = 100 Agorot).

ExchanIsrael needs foreign workers, especially skilled migrants and wireless number. But Israeli government permission to import foreign workers in 4 areas is the agricultural, construction, professional chef in a restaurant. Care and elderly / disabled / sick. And the import quota set every year in conjunction with the policy.

     However, several factors need to show that Thai workers will not decrease rapidly. Agricultural workers, especially Thai, which hold most jobs. Because in years past. The Government of Israel has maintained annual quota 26,000 people and in 2550 added another 3,000 quota to meet the needs of employers to hire mostly from Thailand. Because employers are familiar. Thai workers in the industrial satisfaction. Responsibilities at. And reliable. Chinese workers have been hurting the market access of agricultural workers of Thai workers this section. But can not compete with Thai workers. Because of Famous Chinese workers lose their employer about escape. In addition, imports of agricultural workers working in Nepal to Israel. The zone starts g shrimp pot protest software. The Thai authorities do not allow shipments of Thai workers to work in the area. After the withdrawal from the zone check box cooking software and Tahiti. The Nepali workers working in the agricultural sector in general, Israel. But work is not like those players of the employer.

     Part in the international restaurant. Thai workers are also demanding more. Although Israeli authorities to reduce the quota every year. Due to go to work instead of local workers. But can not work well as a Thai chef. Whether Chinese or Thai restaurant in Japan that is becoming popular in Israel. Therefore, labor market trends in the Thai restaurants in Israel, will decrease the quota each year.

     For construction. Thai migrant workers can not compete because of other national skills and the ability of Thai workers in construction workers from other workers to vice. This works faster than the care of elderly / sick / disabled. Thai workers still behind other nations in the language used in the contact communication. A major barrier to work. 2 Thai labor market in this field in Israel. It is difficult to increase employment.

  e rate 100 Baht = NIS 11.1811 Shekels (14 สิงหาคม 2545).