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Policies and procedures in hiring alien workers.

     Israel no natural resources. Is focused on developing human resources by the Government of Isaac. 

Bora El highly invested in the education of the public. Making Israel one of the countries with the highest educated workforce in one of the world. Workers lack skills in Israel, mostly people from overseas Iiw Russia and Eastern Europe into the land in Israel. As well as foreign workers into Israel, including work in prison labor, Romania, Thailand, China and the Philippines, etc. guitar. 

     Thai workers have begun working visit in Israel since 2523 work in the first phase include chef parent craftsmen such as kitchen and full air welder auto mechanic in 2527 the number of Thai workers has increased to thousands. The visiting volunteers working in the personnel tab Kim Motionwear tea and software firm in 2537 after Israel closed the border area to prevent the occupation of the Palestinian radical terrorism. 

Israel has official permission to bring foreign workers to replace Palestinian workers in construction and agricultural Thais working in Israel has started visiting more and more. Through nearly 26,000 people currently working in the community of Kibbutz Israel called 267 and in the community of Israel called Moshav number 448 nationwide. 

      ModusLink is a software tea agricultural cooperative village. Autonomy within a democratic community is approximately 60-200 members of each family, each family can have their own land for farming. Their own homes. Their farming tools. The software responsible for ModusLink tea market. And purchasing tools to its members in cheap. As well as all members have to manage water and land equally. 

     Kim Bush Leading tab is similar Cammon community. The members own the property jointly. And has been sharing profits according to work done in each year, most Thai workers in Israel, working as agricultural workers. The market can take almost all agricultural workers. Call for fee rates for Thai workers to work in the agricultural sector in Israel between 60,350 to 350,000 baht (approximately 1,700 to 10,000 U.S. dollars), which charges and costs collected from people for this event. Recruitment company in Thailand must pay providers for the Israel market value. Value care workers throughout the contract. Value Ticket plane back. Health insurance for the first 2 years and paid with a number of other employers. But paying people to find jobs with recruitment companies in Thailand are often no proof of payment of the amounts actually paid. If people find jobs to pay 60,750 baht to pay the employer does not in any way. And excluding aircraft legs Ticket back. 


     Proportion of foreign workers in Israel are allowed to work 4 areas. 

         – Thai agricultural workers holding jobs in most of this percentage over 95. 

         – Service sector and restaurants in Israel, Thai Chef and Cook is crowned the most up to 95 per cent Chinese and Thai restaurants in Japan. 

         – Construction workers and Chinese workers, Romania, Turkey, held most positions. 

         – Elderly care sector and people with disabilities. Philippine Labor holding 95 percent position.