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The limited number of foreign migrants.   

     Demand for foreign workers in Israel are numerous. Especially in professions that lack skilled labor job, dirty and dangerous task, the inhabitants of Israel do not want to do. But Israeli authorities allowed to import foreign workers only in the 4 types of operations is the agricultural sector, construction sector, service sector (care of elderly and disabled) and the service industry and restaurants. 

     In addition, Israel has controlled the government set the quota and import foreign workers every year in May. Fri 2549 has set the quota allowed to hire foreign workers as follows. 

          1. Construction of 15,000 people has changed the system of employment. From Day 1. 

Since May 2548 with the recruitment of Israel, the government selected 42 companies as employers of contractors to replace the same employer. These companies will provide visa quota from the government directly. Is responsible for payment of wages to employees, insurance and various welfare to their employees. The quota of 15,000 people including foreign workers at construction work in Israel already. The Israeli government is determined to import the old people when workers leave the country then. Is imported to replace older workers only. 

          2. The service industry and restaurants. Has a separate quota of 1,500 industrial and service in restaurants require experienced and skilled. The Israeli people do not. Thai cooking, such as Japan, China, of 1,150 people. 

          3. The number of agricultural quota of 26,000 people including 26,000 agricultural workers in the agricultural working with Israel, which normally in January of each year. Agencies involved are the Ministry of Interior, Israel Ministry of Agriculture and Ministry of Industry. Trade and Labor of Israel. A review of the agricultural quota. The initial set to the old employer and foreign workers and visa availability, but would like to add workers. To hire illegal foreign workers were arrested before. And the time for employers with employees is that they want to hire alien workers to go to the Visa Department of the Interior in February. When all the visas for their employees and workers will know that the lack of much. So that employers will be allowed to import new workers to replace workers work the same return. New or changed employers. 

          4. The care of elderly and disabled in 2549 through Israel unlimited quota because elderly and disabled people need more care. This is essential. Israel is not popular with operators who do this. If the employer or person in Israel to employ high wage rate, however, before foreign labor permit. Will be checked. If that need to be allowed to hire. Because a business needs more foreign workers. Now there is recruitment of Israel is allowed to import foreign workers to work and care of elderly sick people with disabilities in Israel, approximately 400 companies. 


                    Quota for foreign workers in May. Fri 2550 are as follows. 

                    1. Business hotels in Eilat, a major city in the South of the country does not allow foreign labor all day beginning Feb. 1, 2550. 

                    2. Foreign Food (ethnic restaurant) 900 people. 

                    3. Industry and 15,000 people since July 2550 onwards only the expertise that has shaken salary from 14,000 million package that will only be allowed to continue. 

                    4. The agricultural and 26,000 on January 7, 2550 Israel Cabinet. Approved quota for foreign workers in agricultural sector, the additional 3,000 people. 

                    5. The construction of 15,000 people from October 2550 through March will be reduced to 12,000 people. 

                    6. The care of elderly / sick / disabled people have no quota permit required by the employer. Individual employers. Which must be approved by relevant authorities. 


Control and hiring foreign workers in Israel. 


                  1. Importing foreign workers in Israel. Subject to review of the Department related to each of the first such event will be through the Ministry of Agriculture and Agricultural Rural Development through the Ministry of Construction will be building. Care of elderly and disabled will be through the Ministry of Health. The Ministry of the collection needs of their workers in the control. Sent to the Ministry of Industry. Trade and Labor and consider approval of a quota. Then sent to the Ministry of Interior issued Visa considered. The Embassy of Israel in collaboration with each country. Visa stamp in passports for the workers to go overseas to work. A work permit visa. When workers arrive in Israel. Employers need to have work permits. Normally allowed to work years per year. The seal on the passport of workers. 

                  2. To provide that foreign visa workers. Israel adhere to the principles of Visa employers. The work permit stamp in the passport of workers identified by name, employer address. Visa did not provide foreign workers. Foreign workers are only allowed to work with employers that received a quota visa. This will determine how many people work. If workers want to move employers. New employer must have a visa available and ready to be transferred before the workers came by consent of the employer over the old. And must be approved by the Ministry of Interior also mid-2549 when a court sentence to Israel, foreign workers to change employers by the same employer does not need consent. However, in practice. Changing employers need permission from the Israeli Ministry of Interior before date. 

                  3. Work permit foreign workers to work the 4 categories that can not change visa type. That is, travel to foreign workers working in Israel with any type of visa. Will be allowed to work only if the task is only to detect misuse that work. Or the wrong employer. Considered illegal. Will be arrested immediately. 

                  4. The employer must comply with regulations on hiring foreign workers. Which details the steps required. From employers who are licensed by the Ministry of Industry. Trade and labor before it can be how much wages. Then have to notify the Ministry of Interior to import foreign workers themselves or authorize the company to provide leadership to work. If imported directly to the Embassy of Israel in the coordination of worker visas issued to workers who want to wage work. But if the company offers recruitment into leadership. The company will provide a replacement until the workers go to work in Israel. 

                  5. Time, Israel allowed the government to foreign workers working in Israel is 5 years (except the care of elderly and disabled who can work up to 5 years until the employer has died) by the year visas per year. And is traveling straight from work the first time in Israel that does not work with any employer. 

                  6. Must pay income tax based on income each month, approximately 10-27 percent of wages. 

                  7. If foreign workers of any other employer escape. Visa, the employer’s income will not be considered down. And will not have the right to hire foreign replacement. Until there is evidence to show through Israel. That foreign workers are to escape. To leave the country already. 

                  8. Israeli law to protect foreign workers equal to all Israeli workers. And requires foreign workers have special rights to receive from Israeli employers than workers in some of the other as the right to a written contract. Rights to health insurance to their employers. And the right to housing is appropriate that the employer must also provide. The tax rates can not exceed the law. 

                  9. Because the law allows Israel to foreign workers working in Israel was less than 5 years (except the care of elderly or disabled), but foreign workers who usually work full 5 years to return to work again. Has returned the country to change the name and the new travel documents. Back to work in Israel again. Therefore, to prevent violations of Israeli law. Official Israel has issued regulations to allow more visas for foreign workers traveling to work in Israel. The evidence must show a birth certificate application. Including fingerprinting. If anyone ever detected in the 5 years, Israel will refuse to enter Israel. Return hometown or country. 

                   The official Israel is not allowed foreign workers as a couple. Or persons in the same family as son or younger brother travel to work in Israel, especially with the same employer. 

                  10. Increase measures to protect foreign workers smuggle into the country. The increasing number of border police. Particularly the southern area of the country, which has contact with Egypt. Add review before considering the visa. And increase monitoring at the immigration point with all. 

                  11. Establish immigration. Depending on the police. To act detection. Detention and deport illegal foreign workers. The annual budget has been significant. In practice a set monthly targets for detection and deport illegal foreign workers. The staff must work to meet targets set by. 

                  It also has established the Audit Department in foreign workers. To act to punish Israel employers hiring illegal foreign workers. Or do not qualify for benefits. 


Taxes or fees on foreign labor (workers per 1 person / 1 year of employment). 

                   – If the agricultural employer must pay a license fee to hire foreign work of such value at 1695 million paid by the Ministry of Industry Trade and Labor of 1415 million to pay the rental value at the Ministry of Interior when workers go to work then. Total rental value at 1,180 million. 

                   Case of elderly and disabled care. Employers must pay all fees and rental value at 395 million paid by the Ministry of Industry. Trade and Labor of such value at 250 million and visa costs which the Ministry of Interior of such value at 145 million. 

                    – Case Construction. Employers must pay all fees and rental value at 6945 million paid by the Ministry of Industry. Trade and Labor of 6,800 million rental value at the Ministry of Interior and visa costs, such value at 145 million. 

                   – If the services and restaurants. Traditionally employers have to pay as rental value at 4780 million by paying request permission to hire foreign workers at the Ministry of Industry. Trade and Labor of such value at 500 million and pay fees to hire foreign workers shaken package of 4,135 million Visa and other fees, such value at 145 million at the Ministry of Interior (1 rental value at approximately Baht 8.50 million equivalent). 


Foreign employment by the new system. 

                   Since foreign workers traveling to work in Israel. Must pay high travel to work in Israel. Israel is making use of international reproach that virtual slave labor overseas. Make the country’s damaged image. Government policy, Israel has reduced the cost of foreign workers to travel to work in Israel. The international organization responsible for labor migrants (International Organization for Migration, or IOM) is sent to foreign workers working in Israel. Thailand is a country starting from the first. If work will extend to bringing foreign workers to work in other industries in the State of Israel and with other countries following. Currently under discussion with the Thai Ministry of Labor of IOM. 


Foreign workers. And Thai workers in Israel. 

           Israel no natural resources. It focuses on human resource development. The Israeli government investment in higher education of the public. Making Israel one of the workers in the education of the highest in the world. Workers lack skills in Israel, mostly people from overseas Iiw Russia and Eastern Europe into land in Israel. As well as foreign workers into Israel, including work in prison labor, Romania, Thailand, China and the Philippines, etc. guitar. 

           Thai workers have begun working visit in Israel since 2523 in the first phase of work, including kitchen and chef parent Craftsmen such as full air welder auto mechanic in 2527 the number of Thai workers has increased to thousands. The visit volunteers working in the firm and Kim Bush Tab software Motionwear tea in 2537 after Israel closed the border area to prevent the occupation of the Palestinian radical terrorism. Israel has official permission to import foreign workers to replace Palestinian workers in construction and agricultural Thais working in Israel has started visiting more and more. Through nearly 26,000 people currently working in the community of Kibbutz Israel called 267 and in the community of Israel called Moshav number 448 nationwide. 

          ModusLink is a software tea agricultural cooperative village. Autonomy within a democratic community. 

Approximately 60-200 members of each family, each family can have their own land for farming. Their own homes. Their farming tools. The software responsible for ModusLink tea market. And purchasing tools to its members in cheap. As well as all members have to manage water and land equally. 

          Kim Bush Tab firm is a community that resembles Cammon. The members own the property jointly. And has been sharing profits according to work done in each year, most Thai workers in Israel, working as agricultural workers. The market can take almost all agricultural workers. Call for fee rates for Thai workers to work in the agricultural sector in Israel between 60,350 to 350,000 baht (approximately 1,700 to 10,000 U.S. dollars), which charges and costs collected from people for this event. Recruitment company in Thailand must pay providers for the Israel market value. Value care workers throughout the contract. Ticket plane back up. Health insurance for the first 2 years and paid with a number of other employers. But paying people to find jobs with recruitment companies in Thailand are often no proof of payment of the amounts actually paid. If people find jobs to pay 60,750 baht to pay the employer does not in any way. Ticket and excluding aircraft return trip. 


          Proportion of foreign workers in Israel are allowed to work 4 areas. 

                      – Thai agricultural workers holding jobs in most of this percentage over 95. 

                      – Service sector and restaurants in Israel, Thai Chef and Cook is crowned the most up to 95 per cent Chinese and Thai restaurants in Japan. 

                      – Construction workers and Chinese workers, Romania, Turkey, held most positions. 

                      – Elderly care sector and people with disabilities. Philippine workers holding positions per cent 95.