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Economic situation

Israel has a market TECH technology is very advanced. And government to support private business in various imported products are important raw materials are crude oil, wheat and other military equipment. Although resources are limited. Israel has developed agriculture and industry over the past 20 years, the agricultural products. (Except wheat) to party countries. Export and important country. 

    Israel National Statistics Office survey last month in March 2550 that the Israeli population in 2549 is the average revenue per month rental value at 7491 per month or approximately 63,673.5 million Baht (such as value at 1 million baht is equal to 8.50 approximately) for. people of Palestine, which has about 13,000 people are allowed to enter work in Israel. And legal foreign workers. Average income per month rental value at 4226 million. 

    In 2549, Israel has the economic growth of 4.5% and a gross income people. 

National per capita rental value at 88,300 million higher than last year for 2.7% of national income (per capita income) is U.S. $ 18,000.