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Unemployment rate

Unemployment rate in 2548 of approximately 9% or approximately 246,400 people in 2549 and the unemployment rate is about 8.4% or approximately 236,100 people. 

     From a combat situation between Israel, the northern division between Hizbullah on 12 July to 7 August 2549 business in northern Israel damaged more than 10, 000 cases, or approximately 1 / 4 of all businesses in the North. Tourism, which had revenue in the year to U.S. $ 100 million. OK, only U.S. $ 30-40 million. Result in termination of employee business-related travel around the country thousands of years, so in 2550 through Israel expects the unemployment rate in Northern countries will reach 14% while other sectors of the country to rate. unemployment between 8 -11.5%. 

      Most of Israel’s workforce worked in sales and service. Manufacturing industry, construction technician. 

The professional skills of academic staff clerk technician. And management. 

      From the Israeli unemployment rate is high. Israeli government seeks to reduce the number of operations. 

Foreign workers with work set to allow foreign workers to do. Set quota of foreign workers each year. Strict monitoring of illegal workers. Set taxes and fees in foreign employment high. To employers in high-cost labor overseas. And urge Israel to employ more people. 

      As of March 2550 through Israel, foreign workers are expected to work in Israel, approximately 133,800 people with a legal workforce by 66,800 people is. 

                    – Department of Agriculture 26,000. 

                    – Patient care / disability / elderly people 26350. 

                    – Construction of 11,800 people. 

                    – Industry 1,500. 

                    – Restaurants 1,150 people. 

     For illegal foreign workers has approximately 67,000 people who have traveled in both countries is invalid. And residence visa. Running around Israel. The number of illegal foreign workers this. An estimate of the Ministry of Industry. Trade and Labor of Israel. Estimated that each year, which is memory. 

Of foreign workers as illegal work in Israel in numbers close to foreign workers legally. Foreign workers in Israel includes. 

                       1. Philippines 24% of all workers in foreign countries. 

                       2. Thailand 21%. 

                       3. Romania 13%. 

                       4. China 10%. 


     In addition, the workers from other nations such as Jordan, Turkey, Ukraine, Poland, Bulgaria and Endemol Dole Wachovia Nepal.